"I figure the world is basically a machine. I don't know who made it, if it was the Fates, or the gods, or the capital-G god or whatever. But it chugs along the way it's supposed to most of the time. Sure, little pieces break off and stuff goes haywire once in a while, but mostly... things happen for a reason."

+ The Hunger Games 30 Day Challenge

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A girl I’m friends with on Facebook posted this status and I love it so much.


an important graph for everyone to see thank u

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A intact pool between the dirty water of a flood in Germany.

This looks like a halfway done sims house

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I can’t just stand by, I can’t pretend to be normal

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dash is named dash because he runs really fast

violet is named violet because ultraviolet rays are invisible to the human eye

so what’s jack jack’s name got to do with his power

jack of all trades because he has so many powers


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my school is literally doing a fundraiser where they play what does the fox say between classes until we raise $1000

Genius torture

My school did this and students tried to start an revolution to overthrow student council because they believed that their methods were unethical and a form of dictatorial torture

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Me on Tumblr

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Somebody take my computer away from me before I draw anymore of these two.

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So at the meet and greet in Mexico, Hayley told a story about Chad and apparently he has asthma, and the first time that they kissed, he got so nervous that he had an asthma attack.  The cutest.